Past Performance 


Adirondack Correctional Facility

Contract Start Date 10/31/17 - On Going (2019)

Project Description:  Management of replacement of water filtration pumps, two dishwashers, kitchen exhaust control upgrade, steam trap testing and repair, pipe insulation and radiant heating improvements.

Task Order Prime: Subcontractors to SRI - Siemens, EMTech and Atlantic Contracting

Altona Correctional Facility

Contract Start Date: 10/31/17 - On Going (2019)

Project Description: Work being done here includes kitchen exhaust control upgrade, radiant heating improvements, PTAC Controls, pipe and duct insulation.

Task Order Prime: Team Partners; Siemens and EMTech 

Urban Rescue Training Simulator -= from 2012 through 2015 SRI was contracted by the United States National Guard to build multiple URTS

Contract Start Date: 2012 through 2015 

Project Description: Construct and reset URTS. Locations: Hills AFB, Hawaii, Camp Roberts CA, Camp Blanding FL, Oriskany NY, Wisconsin etc..

Task Order Prime: SRI

Project: Iraq –Baghdad Hazardous Material Response Unit – (Hazardous Material Technicians Course) – SRI  (Training Contract # W95WE60847531/Equipment)

Contract Start Date:  Iraq Joint Interagency Contracting Office

Period of Performance: Phase I - 01 May 2007 – 20 June 2007, Phase II – Completed Feb 2008

Project Description: Train and equip the first Baghdad, Iraq Fire Department Hazardous Material Team composed of 35 Sunni and Shiite firefighters as Hazardous Materials Technicians; provided the first operational course in Baghdad’s’ brand new fire academy. 

Task Order Prime: SRI

Project Name: Good fellow AFB, C-130 Burn Trainer, Contract N#FA3030-08-C-0095, 17th Contracting Squadron, 210 Scherz Blvd, Good fellow AFBTX 76908-4705

Contract Start Date: 15 Aug 2008 through  Nov 2009

Project Description: 

  1. Develop a team that can prepare site for installation

  2. Construct a C-130 Burn Trainer within 12 months

  3. Install trainer & Ensure all quality control measures are in place and site is fully active within 12 months

  4. Contract value $2,322,556.80

Task Order Prime: SRI

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