Strategic Response Initiatives (SRI) is an agile, mission oriented all-threat/all-hazard Homeland Security/Homeland Defense corporation that provides holistic Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facility (DOTMLPF) solutions to the federal, tribal, regional, state, local, and private sectors.

By leveraging its robust core and proven past performance, history and experience, SRI has been able to provide the necessary skills and mission oriented solutions across multiple levels of the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and State Department as well as other federal agencies within the US Government. Our agile approach provides our clients with a solutions systems provider that is focused on mission success, not mission constrained.

SRI Introduces: G4 Pro
G4 Pro Powered by GraingerAn online e-procurement system powered by Grainger providing over 1.2 million lines of equipment ranging from Industrial, Emergency/Domestic Response Equipment and Safety Gear to all SRI clients through a virtual environment.
"One Stop Ordering and Delivery System Globally to all SRI Clients"